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AKC Trick Dog Fun & Titles

Class Meets as Requested

Course Length: 8 sessions

Course fee: $120

Course Format: Group


Our Trick Dog class meets about an hour a week for 8 sessions for the fee of $120.00 - which includes evaluations for all of the Trick Dog Levels you and your partner can complete. The goal of this class is to learn and perform the AKC-listed tricks.

This program rewards you and your dog's trick-learning and demonstration ability.  It's open for dogs 5 months to 15 years of age. All dogs must have basic manners and are good in group situations. There are five levels of trick dog titles you may earn. We work towards successful completion on the first two (Novice & Intermediate), & and usually more (!!!) in class. This is a B L A S T of a class! 

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