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NCTD Therapy Dog 

We offer this Course in Multiple Locations

  - Wednesdays at 7pm in Dover

  - Sundays at 10am in Seaford

  - Sundays at 2pm in Salisbury, Maryland

Course Length

  - 8-sessions

Course Fee

 - $120 per Dog/HandlerTeam

Additional Fees

 - Membership (3-years) $60.00

 - NCTD Vest for your Partner ($40.00)

 - NCTD Logo Shirt

Course Format: Group

Does the thought of sharing your pet with others touch your heart? Have you wanted to include your pet in your volunteer activities but didn't know it was possible? Are you willing to participate in training, evaluations and registration for this volunteer activity? If your answer is YES to these questions, this is the class for you!


Welcome to the incredible world of sharing your companions with others in safe, enjoyable to all and heartwarming ways. As your instructor and coach, I will share my 45+ years of visiting and dog training experiences, in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie.


Our 8-session National Capital Therapy Dogs training course has been developed for the dog and handler team who are ready to expand on their basic obedience skills with the goal of passing our evaluation, registering with us, and beginning visiting with us as a volunteer Therapy Dog Team under National Capital Therapy Dogs, Delmarva Region. 

The Therapy Dog Candidate is required to have achieved their American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen prior to enrolling in this course. If the Team does not have their CGC title, but is ready for the evaluation, I could test the Team prior to start of class. If the team is not yet ready for the CGC evaluation and would like a little more practice, I could test them during class. The fee would be $20.00. If you have any questions please contact me prior to enrolling in this class. All dogs must pass their AKC CGC prior to taking their National Capital Therapy Dogs evaluation.

In addition to working on perfecting the basics, our class will show you how to teach your dog to seek and accept appropriate interaction with strangers, ignore temptations, become accustomed to unusual noises, medical equipment, learn appropriate interaction with other teams, and other need-to-know information when visiting facilities.


We present and discuss pet visiting guidelines, general facility requirements, patient's rights, community volunteerism, personal commitments, safety of your NCTD teammate, and your responsibilities as a volunteer.

After booking a course, if you cancel your enrollment there will be a $10.00 processing fee in returning your funds. If Peterson's Positive Pups cancels a course, you will receive a full refund.

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