Below are descriptions of our current classes. Beth may be reached at to answer any questions you may have. We hold classes in Dover, Milford, Smyrna and now in Seaford on Sunday afternoons. 


Due to the Coronavirus State of Emergency put in place on Friday, March 13th, we have not been able to hold classes at our sites.


We will not be holding classes until we reach the governor's 3rd Phase of reopening Delaware.


As soon as we can, we will finish our current classes and begin new ones in ALL locations.

If you have questions about your dog's behavior - send me a note explaining it in an email and I will do my best to answer.

Looking forward seeing you as soon as possible. Please check back with me here, and at the Kent County Parks & Rec website.

Thank you for understanding

Beth Peterson

Beth is available for private consultations & in-your-home sessions. Please contact her through this site or at for more information!



For over 45 years, I have found positive reinforcement to be the most successful and enjoyable way to communicate and work with animals. I am pleased to share my knowledge of animals, their behaviors, and positive-based behavior modification techniques. I offer private, group classes, barn calls, workshops, and evaluations.  Beth Peterson

Foundation (AKC STAR Puppy Award)

Our Foundation group course meets an hour a week for 8-weeks for the fee of $80.00 and is designed for the beginning dog-handler team. Our class exceeds the AKC's 'STAR Puppy Program' requirements. You and your dog will test for this award at the end of class! (Included in the initial fee.)


Emphasis is on developing training skills with the best use of positive reinforcement. This course is appropriate for puppies (3 months of age and older), newly adopted older dogs of any age, or any dog in need of training / re-training in the basics. It's a highly interactive class that provides the fundamentals of dog care, manners and basic obedience in a relaxed, easy to learn environment.


Our Foundation course provides dogs with socialization opportunities while teaching the handler to train their dog to pay attention, sit, come when called, lie down, walk on a leash without pulling, and stand for grooming or examination. We introduce clicker training, how to meet other dogs and/or people, how to avoid confrontations with other dogs, "go to your place" cue and "take it/leave it/drop it" exercise. We give tips on housebreaking, grooming, veterinary care, and common problem areas (jumping up, mouthing, biting, chewing, and more), as well as information on the many activities available to you and your well-behaved dog. Family members are encouraged to attend. Please leave your dog home the first night of class.


What Every Good Dog Should Know (AKC CGC)

Our Good Dog group course meets an hour a week for 8-weeks for the fee of $80.00 and is designed for the more advanced dog & handler team who are beyond Foundation and would like to further develop their teamwork. as we add distractions while fine-tuning the basic cues of attention, stay, loose-leash walking and coming when called - and increasing length of exercises. All dogs, mixed breeds and pure bred, at least 4 months of age are welcomed to attend. Graduation from Foundation, or similar type class, is beneficial but not mandatory.


The goal of this class, in addition to improving your working relationship with your companion, would be successful completion of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC). (Evaluation is included in the class fee.)


Beth has been an American Kennel Club (AKC) registered Canine Good Citizen evaluator since the program began 25 years ago. Please bring your dog to all Good Dog classes.


AKC CGC-Advanced & CGC-Urban

Our Community & Urban Canine Good Citizen class meets an hour a week for 8 weeks for the fee of $80.00 - which includes both Evaluations on the last day of class. The goal of this class is to test your dog's skills in a natural setting.


Advanced tasks includes your dog waiting quietly with you as you complete your application, walking on a loose lead outdoors in a natural setting, ignoring other dogs, a sit-stay with 3 other teams, steadfastness when approached by a stranger carrying a bag, a solid "leave it" cue, staying at distance away from handler, come when called with distractions and manners when walking through doorways. 


The Urban tasks include skills needed in the real world and will be held at a business as you'll show off your loose lead walking while entering and exiting a building, riding on an elevator, walking across a varitey of surfaces, crossing the street, ignoring food on the ground and more.


Trick Dog Class (AKC TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP & TKE)

Our Trick Dog class meets an hour a week for 8 weeks for the fee of $80.00 - which includes evaluations for Novice, Intermediate & Advanced titles. The goal of this class is to learn and perform tricks.

This new (April 2017) program rewards you and your dog's trick-learning and demonstration ability.  It's open for dogs 5-months to 15-years of age. All dog must have basic manner and are good in group situations. There are four trick dog titles you may earn; we will work towards successful completion on the first two (Novice & Intermediate) in class. This is a B L A S T of a class! 



Therapy Dog (National Capital Therapy Dogs - Delmarva)

Does the thought of sharing your pet with others touch your heart? Have you wanted to include your pet in your volunteer activities but didn't know it was possible? Are you willing to participate in training, evaluations and registration for this volunteer activity? If your answer is YES to these questions, this is the class for you!


Welcome to the incredible world of sharing your companions with others in safe, enjoyable to all and heartwarming ways. As your instructor and coach, I will share my 40+ years of visiting and dog training experiences, in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie.


Our 8-week National Capital Therapy Dogs training course ($80/Team) has been developed for the dog and handler team who are ready to expand on their basic obedience skills with the goal of passing our evaluation, registering with us and beginning visiting with us as a volunteer Therapy Dog Team under National Capital Therapy Dogs. Class meets an hour a week for the fee of $75.00. You MUST attend at least 6 Therapy Dog classes to qualify to take the Evaluation on the last day of class.


In addition to working on perfecting the basics, our class will show you how to teach your dog to seek and accept appropriate interaction with strangers, ignore temptations, become accustomed to unusual noises, medical equipment, learn appropriate interaction with other teams, and other need-to-know information when visiting facilities.


We present and discuss pet visiting guidelines, general facility requirements, patient's rights, community volunteerism, personal commitments, safety of your NCTD teammate, and your responsibilities as a volunteer.

Private Consultations & Head Start

Beth has a limited number of Private Consultations (or in-home lessons) available for the dog and handler team in need of specialized attention. The initial evaluation/consultation lasts 90 minutes. Based on her findings, Beth will suggest, and teach, a course of action. The course of action could include additional private sessions, attendance at a group class, or just working at home and keeping in touch via email or telephone. These individualized sessions vary in length and structure as they are developed to fit the needs of each team. 
Tellington TTouch Method
The Tellington Method will introduce both handler and dog (or horse, or other animal.) to relaxation and increasing body awareness by way of gentle, non-habitual touches, strokes and slides. This increased awareness will assist in the building of self-confidence. A self-confident dog (animal) is much better able to think and learn. We also work on foundation training, proper use of positive reinforcement, desensitization and classical counter conditioning. These methods introduced and used to recognize and reduce triggers that invoke inappropriate behavior from our companions. Positive reinforcement is taught with Clicker work and appropriately timed praise.
Emphasis is placed on developing the handler’s training skills by way of the best use of positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate actions while eliminating inappropriate behaviors.
Rally & Novice Obedience Titling
I am beginning a new 8-week Introduction to AKC Rally Obedience for beginners. This new group class will meet on Saturdays in Smyrna DE, as one of my regular classes. 
I will still have Rally Obedience Drop In for those teams who have a strong basic in Rally already. 
We will work on Rally & Novice Obedience (AKC, for now) trailing skills with trailing for these titles as our goal. There will be verbal instruction and links to information sources available. 


For my Beginners, I having a regular 8-week class. for the fee of $80.00. For those who successfully complete Rally Class, I will have a fun and interactive group meeting at the drop-in fee of $5/session.

We're looking for dogs with good basic obedience skills who would like to do more while having Fun. 
Contact Beth for More Information
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Teaching since 1975, offering Delaware residents a positive reinforcement-based training alternative since 1988. and sharing Therapy Dog education since 1990.

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Group Classes in Dover, Smyrna, Milford & Seaford 

Foundation (AKC STAR Puppy), What Every Good Dog Should  Know (AKC CGC) Advanced Good Dog (CGC-Advanced & CGC-Urban), Therapy Dog (NCTD), AKC Trick Dog Titling, Rally & Basic Obedience, Tellington TTouch and Pet First Aid


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