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Beth Peterson gladly shares her breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise with you through group class or private sessions.


Certified Professional Dog Trainer, American Kennel Club STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine (Advanced), Public Access (Urban) Coach & Evaluator. AKC Virtual Home Manners & Trick Dog Instructor and Evaluator. AKC Farm Dog Judge, AKC Temperament Test Judge.


Certified Tellington Method Practitioner, Reiki Master, Delaware Certified Volunteer Administrator, Certified Pet First Aid & CPR Instructor.


Member of the force-free training group - Pet Professional Guild. Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, owner and program director of Peterson's Positive Pups Learning Center.


Beth & Taco

Beth's Career with Animals Officially Began Over 45 Years Ago

She began her career in dogs in 1975 as a Veterinary Assistant and later became a Licensed Animal Technician. During her years as a Vet Tech, Beth began developing her ability to work with dogs and their owners in many areas including effective communication, behavior modification, health maintenance and physical conditioning.


It was at this time that she was first asked to work, one-on-one, with clients and their "problem" dogs. Beth analyzed inappropriate behaviors and explained why she believed they were being displayed. This helped clients understand their dogs - which allowed the successful modification of their dog's actions into appropriate (and much appreciated!) behavior. In 1976, Beth became the co-instructor of the local dog clubs’ first Puppy Class, an assistant in the Novice obedience classes, and a helper in the Open and Utility obedience classes. She has been teaching ever since.

What and Why we use Positive Reinforcement

Peterson's Positive Pups is a positive-reinforcement based educational program which teaches owners effective methods of communicating with their dogs. Effective communication develops into effective training methods as owners learn how to time their cues and rewards. Proper timing of cues and rewards results in a pet and companion who understands what behavior is wanted of them as well as what behaviors are considered inappropriate.We use positive reinforcement because we strongly believe it's the best, most successful, and most enjoyable way to teach and learn. Positive reinforcement is a term borrowed from the human psychology field of behavior analysis. Within this field, all behaviors -- appropriate and inappropriate, wanted and unwanted -- have consequences. A positive reinforcement (often called ‘reinforcer’) is the immediate consequence of an appropriate action. When the reinforcer is pleasurable to the dog, the behavior we term appropriate often reoccurs. The behavior is most likely to be repeated due to the immediate application of the positive reinforcer as the behavior’s consequence. Positive reinforcement is sometimes referred to as shaping or behavior modification.

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