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CGC Advanced & Urban

Class Meets as Requested

Course Length: 8 Sessions

Course fee: $120

Course Format: Group


Canine Good Citizen Community Canine (AKC CGC-Advanced) and  Public Access (AKC CGC-Urban)  class meets an hour a week for 8sessions. The fee is $120.00 which includes both Evaluations on the last day of class. The goal of this class is to test your dog's skills in natural settings. Dog must have passed, with verification, their AKC CGC evaluation before eligible to take these evaluations. 


Advanced tasks includes your dog waiting quietly with you as you complete your application, walking on a loose lead outdoors in a natural setting, ignoring other dogs, a sit-stay with 3 other teams, steadfastness when approached by a stranger carrying a bag, a solid "leave it" cue, staying at distance away from handler, come when called with distractions and manners when walking through doorways.


The Urban tasks include skills needed in the real world and will be held at a business as you'll show off your loose lead walking while entering and exiting a building, riding on an elevator, walking across a variety of surfaces, crossing the street, ignoring food on the ground and more.

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