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An 8 Week training course designed to get you and your pet ready & certified by National Capital Therapy Dogs for volunteer activities and public services.

May 2023

I am very happy to announce we are back to teaching indoors - Dover, Seaford, & Salisbury, MD.

Looking forward to working with you!


Beth Peterson has offered positive methods of animal education in enjoyable, safe and FUN working environments - with emphasis placed on developing effective communications between pet and person - since 1975. Beth has over 48-years of animal husbandry experience, a lifetime of working with animals from shelter death-row dogs to nationally ranked Champions of conformation, obedience & rally, to active Therapy Dogs earning their highest AKC awards (Therapy Dog Supreme for over 600 days of visiting) while helping people develop better relationships with their companions.


Our Group Classes meet about an hour a week for 8-sessions. The fee is $120.00 for the entire 8-sessions of group class. My Groups also includes an evaluation at the end of class. (AKC's STAR, CGC, Tricks, Therapy Dog, etc.) at no additional charge. 


Beth is available for private consultations & in-your-home sessions. At this time (May 2023) Beth could also meet with you, one-on-one, by Zoom. Please contact Beth through this site or directly at for more information!

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